Have you spoken to your accountant today?

During our history we have seen clients and friends in indagarem on doubts inherent in accounting areas, Labor and Fiscal claiming mainly that “they do not know” or have never heard about a particular subject related to these areas.

Surely we are, accounting professionals, we should have a broader and technical knowledge about these areas but I am here talking about the basic knowledge that every business owner should be to better understand and manage your business.

well, we have created this blog with the intention of helping people, future entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and other professionals in the accounting area to be informed more about this topic then called “bureaucracy” for some but it is very important for an enterprise planning, to reduce taxes and charges costs and avoid fines.

Nossa intenção aqui é destacar a importância de FALAR COM SEU CONTADOR, is once a month, or once a week, but talk about the progress of business. We do not want to make clear here only the importance of accounting as a management tool for companies that use it, because even those who do not have a regular accounting bookkeeping, for example, the taxable income for Real or Assumed, require greater contact with their counter to answer questions and seek alternatives to improve the company's activities, because, reducing costs and increasing revenues that have a positive result.

Here is the contribution of eminent ACCOUNTING for all those who want to give their opinion, contact us to answer questions as well as those who want to join our project as partners.

Big hug!

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