What is Credit Simple Company?

Which political party you belong?

I started this post with this title to make a reflection on the recent political developments in our country. Many are still worried about the election that took place last year and are “changing tapas” especially in social media and focus on policy, only, sem procurar saber mais e entender nosso verdadeiro cenário econômico e social.

So, regardless of which party you are or political ideologies it comes to Brazil, our home, our economic needs, the future of our children. I'm not talking about pension reform not, devo abordar em tema noutro Post mas, de vários outros acontecimentos e atos que o Governo Federal está fazendo para transformar a vida das pessoas (I'm not doing pro government advertising, I promise I will cut to the chase below).

What kind or type of company is ESC?

So, since 2015 tramitava no Congresso Nacional o Projeto das Empresas Simples de Crédito (ESC) que foi aprovado por unanimidade por aquela casa e, Lastly, transformado em Lei Complementar sancionada pelo nosso Presidente Jair Messias Bolsonaro em 24 Last April. It is a very recent thing, little is said on the internet yet (somente na teoria). Acreditamos que não vai demorar muito para entrar na prática porque isso pode mudar e muito o rumo de Pequenas Empresas especificamente o MEI e ME enquadradas no Simples Nacional. It comes to Complementary law 167-2019 what, dentre outros assuntos, establishes the IS – Simple innovation that promises to support innovative ideas through so-called Startups.

A questão que queremos abordar aqui é a OPORTUNIDADE DE NEGÓCIO criada pelo Governo Federal para quem se enquadrar como Empreendedor como ESC e, como necessidade do projeto, dispor de algum dinheiro aplicado. Clear, there are risks, but all with fiduciary guarantees, endorsements and other mechanisms to be regulated then (the law is fairly new, we take into account that).

Corporate that type can be Formed ESC?

The law states that, tanto o Empresário Individual, estabelecido como tal ou em forma de EIRELI, podem dar início a uma ESC. However, queremos abordar aqui a forma de Sociedade Limitada para demonstrarmos que é possível ter sócios na ESC, that is, to borrow money should have equity of origin then I think it is more likely to get capital with the highest number of partners. ultimately, existem regras específicas tanto para constituição quando para a forma de tributação da ESC (are only accepted presumed income and taxable income).

De qualquer maneira, we are prepared to help new entrepreneurs who would like to open an ESC, We give free guidance in this regard. Right now we are watching the news because it is not yet available in commercial registries creation of ESC, but we believe it will be soon.

So, what they are saying about these “ESC”?

How much is being changed by the Federal Government, some (mainly opposition) just criticize and twist to not work (my opinion). Some compare the ESC as “legalization of usury” but not remember that ever existed several moves to legalize marijuana, for example… But I ask: and? We live in a democratic country and, tell the way, I have never seen such a large movement in social media for democracy, that is, It approved the law of the ESC with legitimacy and do not believe in any way that is detrimental to economic growth, instead, will benefit small business owners seeking credit and banks do not give because they do not have a specific credit line.

I want to give my own example so there is no doubt: I sought a loan from BNDES through the Federal Savings Bank, value not too high, to finance an expansion project of my Office An expert. BNDES denied saying that my income is low, that is, that did not have a specific line of credit for my case… Now, I opened a corporate account in the Savings Bank for this purpose (today work with another bank that offers me the lowest fares). It is here recorded my indignation with Caixa Economica Federal and support Complementary law 167-2019.

ultimately, I want to leave here my contribution to new business owners who are interested in ESC. We Can Help!.

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