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We are an innovative accounting firm that has the main objective of SOLVING THE PROBLEMS OF OUR CLIENTS, this is the commitment we make before all customers! We provide accounting services, Income Tax for People and Companies, Labor routines and Tax and Accounting for charges in others ...

If you are already or want to enter the business world then you need certain information from those who have experience in the subject! CLICK HERE AND MAKE YOUR QUESTION! WE WANT TO HELP YOU!

Book writing & Fiscal

Our skilled team of professionals works together with your company employees in all departments to ensure ...

Foreign investments

The foreign companies who come to Brazil (opening and start of activities) as well as compliance with legal standards ...

Judicial and extra-judicial

Internal Audit and Taxes, Accounting, labor, Control and Tax Management, in view of safety and improved ...

Featured Professional Courses

Transport & Logistics

Companies freight carriers and passenger transport.

international trade

Experience with international companies (Opening and beginning of its operations in Brazil).

Financial services

Outsourcing of payments and receipts with integration with our Accounting System.

Business Planning

Your business under control, elaborate your business plan guiding you from the start.

Vocational orientation

What do you sell? What is your negócior? What is your vocation to undertake? We help you!

Engineering and electricity

Experience in setting up engineering companies developing large projects.

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Domestic employees rights

diarist, contract, vacation, 13No. salary, PIS and INSS The domestic worker is a person who provides various services such as cleaning and maintenance of a residence, home, apartment, site, farm, etc. This type of employee does not need to be a provider…

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