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About Us

Inovamos nosso trabalho com foco nas necessidades de nossos clientes, resolvendo seus problemas, porque nós apresentamos soluções específicas para cada caso.

Alguns problemas comuns relatados pelos novos clientes, tais como atraso na entrega de obrigações mensais, atrasos e inconsistências nos relatórios Contábeis apresentados, falta de acompanhamento de seus Alvarás, Licenças e Certificações, entre outros. Estes tipos de reclamações dos clientes têm-se centrado nossos esforços em RESOLVER Estes e Outros PROBLEMAS. Qual é o Seu Problema? Nós Temos a Solução!

A marca EXÍMIO CONTÁBIL tem mais de 20 anos de experiência garantindo aos nossos clientes um serviço personalizado a fim de buscar a SOLUÇÃO para Seus Problemas. Somos especialistas em algumas áreas e empresas como: Farmacêutica, Construção Civil e Engenharia, Financial services, Comércio Varejista, Transporte e Logística e Condomínios.

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highlights: Specialist in Tax Planning for Small, Médias e Grandes Empresas e Análise e...

Odenir Campos

partner Owner

highlights: Especialista em Recursos Humanos e responsável pela elaboração das Folha de Pagamento, Registro...

Mirian Campos

Human Resources

highlights: Especialista em Contabilidade e Fiscal sendo responsável pela elaboração de Escrita Fiscal de...

José Alves

Head of Office

FAQ - Perguntas Frequentes

Some customers have asked us about our eminent name, sometimes we have to say letter by letter when on a phone call. For this reason we decided to tell the meaning and because our office chose this name.

The meaning of it is accomplished “be good at what you do”, An expert is to be the be “best” what it does. The closest synonym is EXCELLENT. For example, Accounting expert means who is good in Accounting, provides the best services in this profession.

When we decided to formalize our Brand, Firstly, We think of carrying out the market, for this reason we chose the name expert and recorded with the INPI (Our Trademark) which reflects the quality of our services.

This is a difficult question to answer and, unfortunately, many other counters try to promote their business “decreasing the time” (Ex.: “Open your company 24 hours”) to win customer trust. But know that this is not entirely true. Why? look: from a technical point of view the company is open when it gets escrições in all relevant bodies (MY, CNPJ, State registration, Municipal registration), but from the point of view that we adopt in our office we are ready and open only when all permits are issued, the longer it takes, because, not depend solely on the office's efforts but tax visits (inspections).

Let us illustrate examples of setting up businesses: if you want to be an MEI – Micro individual entrepreneur, and its activities compatible (allowed by MEI), you can achieve the CNPJ on the same day through the Entrepreneur Portal. If your activity is to provide services so takes 02 a 03 days to Achieve Official number and Land Use at City Hall (I am referring to local municipalities), soon after these documents must be received to obtain the Municipal Register. Shortly thereafter, should proceed with the regularities in the fire department that will take some more 3 days if you already have the fire extinguisher and everything…

Considering these deadlines, MEI one takes about a week to be made (I am not speaking only of the MEI and CNPJ Certificate leaving on the same day). But that goes beyond: after it is an MEI and get these documents cited above, It must be brought into the operational license that devende Prefecture administrative procedures for obtaining.

Now a company that is not MEI? We stipulate a period of approximately two weeks, that after all the necessary documents are already in our hands. It does no good to promise one thing for the customer who can not meet! YOU CAN RELY ON OUR SERVICES!

It depends on the hiring of their services to meet the professional profile that we hire. This is called assignment hand-intensive and usually do the services on our site in outsourcing, but we can give work according to customer needs and the way that their services were hired.

Sim, of course! In addition to payroll, We offer issuance of bills, Control defaulters, preparation and minutes of record of the General Assembly, preparation of balance sheets and statements, condo fees reissue etc..

Yes for sure! We have a dedicated department to update the Accounting and send a free budget will depend on the amount of services, runtime and form of taxation. Please, contact, We give an immediate response on the subject!

We renew their licenses such as Health Surveillance, Fire Department, Departments of Environment, Location and Operation and Special Time. We will monitor the Permits until its release for monitoring. Do not worry, the rates of Permits have already been paid, just wait fiscal visit. It is very common for new customers seek us with expired licenses, for the firm's clients have an annual renewal schedule.

Sim, Our franchise proposal was designed for freelancers or small offices, no matter whether they started their business or not. It is essential that your office fits our policy work and think about the growth of their exponentially activities. Our way of thinking is simple: We, counters together, we can grow and earn more! access our International Portal and learn…

Sim, but we would be grateful if before you access our International Portal (clicking here) to know all the details of the franchise program before scheduling a view. The franchise program was started recently and many things need to be adjusted, being its main objective to create a group of counters using our Brand, growing together.

Sim. Nós preferimos que o cliente tenha a custódia de todos os documentos fiscais e contábeis. Contudo, é necessário enviá-los para nós para os procedimentos necessários. Logo após a utilização dos documentos estes serão devolvidos ao cliente, sob o protocolo. A forma que os documentos serão guardados é prevista em nosso Contrato de Prestação de Serviços, ainda podendo existir a hipótese de guarda dos documentos por nós, porém, com o avanço digital esta prática está ficando cada vez mais em desuso.

All tax and accounting documents should be kept for a period of 05 years, after which they must be incinerated. There is a possibility of return of the documents to customers after this period, if there is expression of interest.

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