I have some doubts About emission Decorate…

1 – What is the value of income for issuing Decorate?

R: It is the Beneficiary's income, duly attested.

2 – What documents are required to issue a Decorate?

R: personal papers and documents that proof income. It requires the presence of the beneficiary in the accountant's office for presentation of documents proving income.

3 – How long does it take to be completed the issuance of Decorate?

R: The issue of Decorate, if I, It can be made the day after the presentation of documents. What we perceive in some customers do not have complete documentation. Ex.: They should get the guide that proves the payment of income tax and / or other documents.

4 – Why do I have to pay income tax when I do a Decorate?

R: Income received by individuals are subject to the sliding scale of income tax at source lion or booklet, depending on the type of income received. Without proper gatherings it is not possible to issue the Decorate.

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