Web Design & Internet

Web Design & Internet

Does your company have web presence?

Web presence is a term that refers to the tools that act as representatives of their company in the digital environment.

In other words, web presence it is a path that leads to the construction of authority and credibility on the Internet.

This allows your brand to be considered as one of the main references for a particular segment.

Like this, think about how important it is to have a web presence and growth of your business, We, the expert ACCOUNTING established a partnership with 2KS Digital Agency, a company specializing in digital marketing.

Offering services ranging from website building and hosting to design management graphics and social media.

Thereby, we seek to devise strategies that consist of proposed actions to promote and improve products / services of your company, positively contributing to its reputation, credibility and increase sales.

Our goal is to put your business in a prominent position in the market.

Want to grow your business? You are concerned about the development of an identity for your brand? Need to improve your relationship with your audience or win new customers? Then it's time to invest in digital marketing! Click here to learn more…


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What Accounting services you need? Your business is starting or already on the market? If your company has not employed the collection fees will be lower! When starting to hire employees then we have to start the Payroll services, therefore, We charge a fee for the number of employees. THE LOOK FOR TODAY! WE HAVE THE RIGHT PLAN FOR EVERY TYPE OF COMPANY!

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changes in plans always happen in the business world especially when you work with us, when your company START GROWING MARKET, hiring more employees, increasing revenues, requiring more attention from the accounting. These factors imply a change of plans on the recovery of fees and is provided in our Service Delivery Agreement.

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In the business world we are convinced that all things should be documented, by the way, By working with accounting only this gives us this conviction. well, our Service Delivery Agreement, signed by the parties, It guarantees them a transparency about our obligation to your company and meets the standards of regional Council of Accounting – CRC-GO, regulating our profession. Therefore, in rare cases a contract is not signed, such as temporary or immediate services. In the other case we will make the appropriate contract and request the signature of our customers.

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