Looking for a Partner

If I'm looking for a partner it is because they lack human capital!

that's it! One answer I got was that, not just register mark, disclose it, disclose the services without having people involved representing exactly this Brand! Clear! I've thought so, but do I stuck my car before the horse? Should you not rather have a partner before starting a business?

While it may seem that it should have a partner before mounting any business, It concludes that it need not be. In my case, for example, I "alone" in this endeavor but I'm proud of it! I'm proud because it gave the initial tip foot, now missing other players catch the ball, then touch me back to do the goal… complicated huh…

explaining: You can not have a great deal ONLY with a person (In this case, I). It takes several people together to grow the business! As a football game, that simple!

I developed some definitions (my) I call "The three pillars of a business", What are these: Name, disclosure, People:

1 – NAME: It involves the brand and the work done…

  1. BRAND: A trademark is a synonym that your business is solid and distinguished from another of the same branch;
    1. UNIFORMS: Besides being responsible for the identification of its employees is synonymous with organization;

2 – DISCLOSURE: It involves the effective ways that make customers looking for your services connect with you. Today the most common way is through the internet (Social Networks or even search providers like Google);

3 – PEOPLE: People are considered "foundations" that support the other pillars, because, without qualified people, trained, can not develop any kind of work.

3.1 – PARTNERS: The company can only be successful after a successful partnership involving, among other things, a trial period to see if all the ideas of those involved align;

3.2 – EMPLOYEES: A good selection is essential so that you can "hold" these talents, that is, never fail to make a contract expea;

This is my vision for business growth, and what do you think of it? Makes sense? So what advantages you have to be my partner, I can offer you to join me?

summing up: I'm already in the middle of the road, the train has left the station! You can take the train and walking to join me with your existing business or want to start a business now. As well? Profile:

If you are: Contador, Administrator, Lawyer, Economist, Realtor, Trading (Custom broker), Insurance agent, Financial manager, Ex-manager of Banks etc.. Sorry if I failed to measure any activity that might be "similar", the important thing is that YOU ARE ENTREPRENEUR, have an idea and to share with me, to develop together!

Of course there are ethical standards of each profession. Fiquei sabendo que os advogados, for example, não podem ter seu negócio (Law office) along with an Accounting Office. Probably there are other impediments have both (or more) activities together in the same space, mas esta é uma questão que deixamos à parte, as a "detail", because, the most important is to have spirit ENTREPRENEUR.

Let's assume that you already have your Brand, “seu trem esteja andando” also, yet we can walk together! We can do a fusion of our brands, I dont care, since the focus is UNDERTAKE, GROW UP! In exchange kids it means that I can use your NAME also, along with my, this could also be a "detail".

But if we work together, where we work together? What form of work? Capital which we have to have?

explaining: look! I wrote these few words to show clearly my intentions, that are: BE ENTREPRENEUR, GROW AS GROUP. If you do not clearly understand then we can arrange a meeting, talk by phone, Whatsapp etc. But I think I was clear! I do not want to get stuck in detail how: "At where (local) we will work?”, "What should I invest capital?”, "I'm in another state, as then we can work together?”… This is solved with entrepreneur!

Why? as mentioned, I have worked as an employee (at first), autonomous (currently Owner) always in the Accounting area being over 30 years Profession, which provides me have an entrepreneurial vision, always trying to guide my client at the beginning of their business. Thereby, I become more experienced as Entrepreneur. Not only does this, but I consider myself a good entrepreneur because SEE THE OPPORTUNITIES TO LONG TERM the contract of speculators who want to make short-term (I do not care this kind of person).

To LONG TERM why, as stated, registered mark, make disclosures, own Web sites well defined and clear to customers, I have a clear plan about which partners intend to have etc.. If people keep calling me, seeing my ads but not having the same vision that my, It is because their expectations are SHORT TERM, and this does not interest me. BECAUSE? Why my plans are to LONG TERM, solid!

But let's leave this business LONG TERM e SHORT TERM, Counter languages… What matters is that you understand, if you fit into any of these professions mentioned, because then we do not become one BUSINESS GROUP, O expert group?

What is interesting in this Society (3) It is that "the train has left the station", miss you! Come be part of our team!

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